Nominated for National Award

Fundraising with The Rocky Road House has always been FUN……… and yes we truly believe we put the FUN in Fundraising since we introduced our fundraising boxes in 2015.

Why did we introduce fundraising boxes?

From the start of our journey we created our products for one reason, so allergy sufferers could enjoy a sweet treat that was gluten, peanut and egg FREE.  It was very clear early on that the increase in allergies was a barrier to schools, organisations and community groups continuing to raise funds through chocolate fundraising.  With schools becoming peanut free, chocolate fundraising options had decreased which in turn created a gap in market for The Rocky Road House fundraising boxes which are gluten, peanut and egg FREE.

In 2015 we introduced out fundraising boxes with one variety option which were well received and as a result we were a finalist in the 2016 Australian Fundraising Awards.

In 2017 our customers wanted more options so we introduced three additional options to satisfy the tastebuds of all looking to fundraise with The Rocky Road House products.  As an allergy free fundraising option we offer a very competitive price point along with tiered gift card bonuses and additional fundraising boxes to ensure organisations are able to achieve maximum profit as they reach their fundraising goals.

2017 has been another successful year for The Rocky Road House as we continue to offer our customers more options, increased customer service and a trust product that is known and loved by all.  As a result we have once again been nominated in the 2017 Australian Fundraising Awards for Fundraising Company of the Year and the Customer Service Award.

Voting will commence on 4 September 2017 (and don’t worry we will be sure to let you know……cheeky I know) we have our fingers crossed that we can get one of these awards over the line.  Most importantly it is because of the support from YOU, our customers that we have been recognised for these awards.

Chocolate Fundraiser