Allergy Friendly

Delicious chunks, with a difference


The Rocky Road House was born out of a need to provide my daughter Lauren with a allergy free alternative to her favourite treat.  As an allergy suffer since the age of 6 months, Lauren developed 26 allergies over a period of 10 years with eczema on 70% of her body.  With such severe allergies all meals were carefully prepared to avoid her food allergens and cross contamination risks and over time I had become the master of allergy free meals and treats for her to enjoy so she didn’t feel excluded or seen as different going through school.

The daily grind of searching supermarket shelves to find that special treat that she could enjoy failed me each time and I soon realized that the only way I could be confident in giving my daughter a Gluten, Peanut and Egg free option was to source and experiment with recipes.  So on my way I went!Allergy Friendly

In December 2012, I launched ‘The Rocky Road House’ to the world.  Firstly we developed our 200g bars that quickly became a hit with orders coming through from all over Australia via email and then schools contacting us to order products for their fundraising events, we then developed our 100g bars (half the size of the original that I can have all to myself… yummm!). Today we have 8 flavours in two different sizes for everyone to enjoy.

After the success of the first product range and successfully ranging the products into 800+ retail stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, in 2016 I introduced the ‘Funny Bunny’ range, offering 4 delicious flavours.

The Rocky Road House kitchen is constantly abuzz with developing exciting new flavours to tempt you.

So as we invite you to take a walk along our rocky road we hope you enjoy a piece of our world where our products are built with chunks of love.

Danielle xox