Are there employment opportunities available at the Rocky Road House?

From time to time we have new positions become available. If you are interested in working at The Rocky Road House please email your resume to info@rockyroadhouse.com.au

Do you have a delivery service?

Yes, we do! The Rocky Road House offers Australia wide delivery.

Do you have a FAQ that we should include on our website or if you have a general question that we have not answered?

Please email: info@rockyroadhouse.com.au for more information or contact us via our online form

Do you have nutritional information on your products?

Yes! All our products are packaged to Australian Standards and include all the nutritional information you require. All of the nutritional information is also available on our website www.rockyroadhouse.com.au under each product listed.

Do your rocky road products contain NUTS?

Our rocky road products DO NOT contact peanuts or trace amounts. However our products may contain traces of TREE NUTS only.

Does The Rocky Road House make dairy free rocky road?

All of our products are GLUTEN, PEANUT AND EGG FREE and our dark chocolate range of rocky road products such as Peppermint Place and Jolly Jaff Way are free from dairy but have a trace warning due to our facility manufacturing processes.

Does The Rocky Road House offer allergen free products?

Yes! The Rocky Road House products are ALL gluten, egg and peanut free! We are constantly adding new flavours to our menu. New flavours are announced on our online ordering website and social media sites including facebook.

Does The Rocky Road House offer fundraising for school/sport/community groups?

Yes we do! If you would like to know more about running a fundraising event for your school/sport or community group head on over to our fundraising page. We have an excellent % return of funds that goes back to our participants to help your group reach its fundraising goals.

Does The Rocky Road House offer wholesale prices?

Please get in contact with us at sales@rockyroadhouse.com.au for bulk purchases and wholesale pricing


The Rocky Road House will always draw giveaways via an external winner generator with the outcome recorded.  Giveaway Nov 2023 winners

How do I store my products?

We recommend that you store your rocky road products in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight. DO NOT refrigerate as your products may discolour overtime!

If I have a nut allergy, can I eat the rocky road products?

The Rocky Road House products are manufactured in a PEANUT FREE facility. However we cannot guarantee trace amounts of TREE NUTS.

Is The Rocky Road House a Franchise?

No, the Rocky Road House is an Australian owned and operated company

Is the Rocky Road House on social media?

Yes! The Rocky Road House regularly posts exciting news and upcoming events to its social media channels along with competitions! Yay! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Would you like to be a local distributor of our products?

If you are considering becoming a distributor of our products please get in contact with us at sales@rockyroadhouse.com.au to discuss your options